Depression negatively impacts your life as a whole. It can rip you away from your loved ones, force you to leave behind hobbies you once enjoyed, make it hard to perform daily tasks and, in some extreme cases, even end your life. Amazingly, of the 16.2 million adults who suffer from depression in the United States, 37% of those people never seek treatment. One of the main reasons for this may be the lack of treatment awareness. There are holistic methods, medication based treatment, and therapeutic options that can help you cope with depressive symptoms—and a few depression treatments that may even help prevent you from developing it in the future. 

Recently, a few studies have supported the theory that daily exercise is linked to decreasing a person’s chance of developing depression later in life. Besides the preventative qualities of exercise, working out regularly has many other benefits for the mind and body that make it a great life-improving habit! With just 15-minutes a day you could see positive rises in your mood, health and self-esteem:

1. Sleep quality improvement: the better you rest, the better you feel

2. Metabolism rev-up: exercise allows your body to more efficiently burn calories and transform nutrients into energy for the day

3. “Happy” hormone release:
a. Endorphins are a natural painkiller that improve self-esteem and enhance pleasure
b. Dopamine is known for its ability to make you “feel good” and motivates us to take action to counteract depressive symptoms
c. Serotonin regulates our mood and naturally make us feel happier, calmer and less emotionally unstable
d. Testosterone helps with muscle growth and improves libido

4. Repair and creation of new healthy neural connections: like ketamine infusions, exercise can rebuild healthy neural connections in the brain, thereby reducing the symptoms of depression. 

5. Immune system boosting 

As you can see, exercise has many benefits—not just preventing depression, but alleviating already-present symptoms, and increasing our overall quality of life. Learn more about the recent studies that connect exercise with depression prevention by clicking the button below: 

Although working out can improve your quality of life as a whole, if you already suffer from depression, we recommend using exercise in conjunction with medication and therapy. Exercise is a great way to support the positive results of ketamine infusion therapy! Our ketamine clinic staff has personally seen this drug change the lives of many patients, for the better! With a 70% success rate for the relief of depressive symptoms, ketamine infusions provide rapid, highly effective and lasting results that make a huge difference in the lives of our patients! 

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