Do you have a teen who has simply not been acting like his- or herself? Not interacting with friends and family? Experiencing definitive and dramatic mood swings?

There is a possibility that your teen is suffering from depression. In the United States, about 20% of adolescents will experience a major depressive disorder before they reach adulthood. Even more surprising, about 30% of them will never seek or receive treatment. If you are currently looking for a therapist, it may take longer than you think to successfully schedule an appointment. While you spend valuable time reading reviews and calling offices, and while your child waits weeks or months for their first appointment, your child will still be struggling—and in the end, they may not even identify or feel comfortable with the therapist you choose!

Fortunately, there are depression treatment options that you and your child can leverage together, on your own, to cope with the stress that life sometimes brings. A study was recently performed by the University of London and Cambridge University to see if recalling positive memories can help decrease negative self-talk and lower cortisol levels in young adults; both of those factors increase a person’s vulnerability to depression. The study analyzed the data of 427 people, the average age being 14, who were considered at risk for developing depression. The leading researcher, Adrian Dahl Askelund, says that their research suggests remembering good times from our pasts can help us build resilience to stress and decrease young people’s risk of developing depression.

Depression can affect all aspects of our lives, even cause suicidal thoughts and actions. It is important to address depressive symptoms in teens as soon as possible and to help prevent more severe disorders in the future. For teens who can’t find relief from natural coping mechanisms, anti-depressants, or talk therapy, then ketamine is a safe and effective alternative. Ketamine has shown a 70% success rate in patients with treatment resistant depression, including in adolescents, and has been proven to provide rapid and lasting relief from symptoms.

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