Each year, more than 69% of people suffering from a mental illness actively avoid seeking treatment. The negative stigma attached the illnesses dramatically affects treatment rates. Since some view depression and anxiety as a sign of weakness or dysfunction, it is important to remind them that they are not. Instead, provide them with support by introducing them to treatments that they may not be familiar with—like ketamine infusion therapy.

Traditionally, the symptoms of anxiety and depression are treated with a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and antidepressants. Most people–around 60%–respond positively to this after two months. Typically, this results in a 50% reduction of their depressive symptoms. However, most people–around 80%–stop taking their antidepressants after a month. As a result, many are left hopeless and in despair.

Since the 1970’s ketamine has been used as a general anesthetic. However, in the last decade, ketamine treatments, like the infusion therapy, have grown in popularity as an intravenous alternative for depression and anxiety. This is largely due to the unique changes that this NMDA-receptor antagonist makes to the synapses in the brain—repairing damaged pathways and replacing old spinal dendrites. With research connecting mental illness to the overproduction of older, denser, inefficient dendrites, it is a promising new treatment.

It should not be surprising to learn that most patients who receive an infusion report a significant improvement after the first hour. When compared to typical treatments, whose effects take weeks to set in, and often fail to provide adequate relief fast enough, this is a dramatic improvement—and a potential lifesaver—for someone struggling.

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