The connection between depression and obesity has been evident to researchers for years. The implications of that connection, however, have left researchers wondering if there any connection between nutrition and depression. Could dietary changes prevent the onset of depression? What about the use of nutritional supplements? And until now these questions have been largely left unexplored.
A new study out of the University of Exeter was recently published in JAMA, outlining—in greater detail—the causal relationship between nutrition and depression, and finally answering questions about how one impacts the other. The study found the following:
1. Depression is unlikely to be impacted in any measurable way—for better or for worse—by nutritional changes 
2. Folic acid, vitamin-D, zinc, selenium, Omega-3 fatty acids and other supplements did not impact depression in any way
3. A healthy, Mediterranean diet did result in minor alleviation of depressive symptoms
4. For those study participants who were obese, weight loss did correspond with a reduction in depressive symptoms
5. There was some indication that changing food-related behaviors could prevent the onset of depression, though this requires more research to understand the implications
It would be great to discover that a simple change in diet, or the addition of certain nutritional supplements, could cure depression or other psychiatric disorders. But unfortunately, that is not the case. Those suffering from depression have options, though. Talk therapy and antidepressant medications can be effective first-line depression treatments, and ketamine infusions are available to those who don’t respond to psychotherapy or medication.

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