Understanding and managing a mental health issue is hard. Finding treatment for it can be even harder. Those who live positive lives while dealing with a mental health disorder like depression and anxiety, bi-polar disorder, or schizophrenia all do the same thing: they find treatment. Therefore, it is important to learn what treatments are available and how they can improve things.

It is also important to be able to talk about your issues with those you can trust—a counselor, parent, teacher, boss, or mentor. Talking about your mental health issues makes dealing with them a lot easier. It helps to build important connections with those who matter in your life. Talking makes it possible for others to understand and support you when things become too difficult to manage your own.

To make these conversations easier, remember these three points when deciding to talk about a mental health issue:

  1. What do you hope to achieve?
    • Are you looking for encouragement and support?
    • Do you feel overwhelmed by keeping a secret?
    • Do you need your boss to understand why you need breaks?
  2. What do you value?
    • Do you value your privacy?
    • Do you value being candid?
  3. What do you think will happen?
    • What are the pros of having the discussion?
      • Will it bring you closer to that person?
      • Will it help your boss understand how to get the most from you?
    • What are the cons of having the discussion?
      • Will you lose your friendship?
      • Will you endanger your job?

Deciding to talk about a mental health issue is great and is usually very rewarding. But, it is also important to know when and how to bring it up. Here are four ways to break the ice:

  1. Just add it to a conversation you are already having.
  2. Bring it up when something related occurs on its own.
  3. Explain it as if it were the doctor’s orders to talk about it, and you are just following their instructions.
  4. Explain it during a serious, pre-planned sit-down discussion.

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